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Performance Tuning with SQLFacts Tools

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The need for performance tuning your SQL Server workloads has never been more critical. As workloads are moved into cloud services, their efficiency has a direct impact on the recurring bills. A workload that consumes more resources than necessary costs more to host in the cloud and affects the bottom line for your organization.

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DAX CASE Statement Functionality with IF, SWITCH and SWITCH True

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The CASE expression is one of the most valuable tools in your T-SQL toolbox. I use it in almost every query I write. However, there isn't a direct equivalent of CASE in DAX. Since it's a different language entirely, I don't expect it. As my grandmother used to say, I am not surprised, just disappointed. If you don't know, DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is a language for creating custom calculations and aggregations in Power Pivot, Power BI, and other data analysis tools. Two functions in DAX come close to replicating the functionality but come with limitations. Which one of these functions should you use? Please stay tuned.


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ChatGPT in SQL Server - Practical examples

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Introduction ChatGPT in SQL Server In this article, we will learn some basic examples of ChatGPT in SQL Server. In a previous article, we had an interview with ChatGPT an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. If you do not know how to use it yet, you can go to that article. We will show some […]

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