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2019-05-20 (first published: )

Testing Databases: What’s Required?

Phil Factor reviews the various types of database test that need to run during development work, what sort of test data they require, and the challenges with managing this data, and in keeping the test cell stocked with the correct database, and data, in a way that allows rapid cycles of database testing.


The Silent Bug I Find in Most Triggers

I don’t have a problem with triggers. They get the job done when you need to implement business logic in a hurry, and you’re not allowed to change the application. As long as you keep the number of statements to a minimum (say, 2-3), and don’t try to do something really slow like fire up a cursor, triggers can be an efficient way to solve hard problems quickly. However, most triggers I run across have a really, really dangerous bug.


Overview of Azure Cosmos DB

Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s highly scalable, NoSQL database platform running in Azure. It supports four API models, including Key-Value pair and Documents. Pushpa Sekhara provides an overview of Cosmos DB, including some best practices to improve performance.



Learning Containers


I find that I’m using containers more and more to get things done with...

Bad Idea Cowboy Hat: Using a foreign key to prevent updates


When I decided to rip off of Brent Ozar’s (b/t) Bad Idea Jeans series...

Inspector V1.4 now available


The SQL Installation script can be found here The Inspector sample report has been...

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