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Searching a Flyway Database

As a database gets larger, and development more complex, so it becomes increasingly necessary to be able to search for strings in the source files and the database itself. Maybe you need to find when a table first got created, when a foreign key was added, or to find out which tables lack documentation. I'll show you how to answer these sorts of questions by running simple 'wildcard' searches on your Flyway migration files, or source files, as well as more targeted searches on certain parts of your database model.


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How to use a Powershell script to track the network latency issue in AOAG

In this article, we will learn how to use a Powershell script to track the network latency issue in the AwlaysOn availability group (AOAG), the network latency may become a real issue for the AOAG, if the network latency is too high for AOAG, the primary replica will lose the connection to the secondary replica, […]

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Slides from SQL Saturday Los Angeles 2022


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Creating a HEAD utility for Windows 10


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Distributed Replay: The Little Engine That Almost Could


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