Memories of DR testing

With the introduction of the GDPR, a lot of our prospective clients are demanding more and more information regarding data disposal, retention and usage practices. Both our new and existing clients want to look at our internal ecosystem and understand how we manage it. This means that I finally got a budget for a disaster […]

Lots of data in RAM

I remember buying my first computer after college. At the time I was working part time and in graduate studies part time. My aging high school era Apple II wasn't capable of handling the load, not to mention its 300baud modem wasn't a lot of fun. I could likely have gotten a faster modem with […]


More PowerShell Remoting coverage in dbatools


Starting on dbatools version 1.0.31 we introduced better coverage for commands that make use...

7th Anniversary


7 years ago today I posted my very first blog post and I’ll tell...

Beginning T-SQL and Career Roadmap for Women (and Men)! #SQLSatBR


Download session materials and watch the recordings of my excellent sessions on Transact-SQL and...

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Data Migration Assistant errors - dacpac and openquery failures

By yonny24

Hi all, I am attempting to use DMA to assess an upgrade from 2008...

Scalable SSIS Package - Single SSIS package across 50 different projects

By karthik82.vk

Hi All, I have a successfully running SSIS package which has been created for...

Replication Error - TCP Provider: The semaphore timeout period has expired. 

By Joy Smith San

Experts, We are facing an issue with one of the replication subscriber. There were...

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