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What is subsetting, what are the advantages, and how does it make test data management easier?

As data grows and databases become larger and more complicated, data
subsetting provides a method of working with a smaller, lighter copy of a
database to make development and testing faster and easier.

In this article, James Hemson poses the questions; what exactly is data subsetting, how and why are developers using it – or not using it, and
what’s prompting conversations about it?

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Stairway to Database DevOps

Stairway to Database DevOps Level 4: Creating a new Azure Pipeline (with Azure SQL DB Deployment)

The first three levels of this series have been the lead-up to this level, automating the database deployment with Azure Pipelines. First, we started with an introduction to Azure DevOps and the Git client. Next, SQL Source Control was introduced to manage a database’s schema and manually deploy changes from the database to source control […]


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