Its time to accelerate the State of DevOps

Redgate is joining forces with DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA), now part of Google Cloud, as a sponsor of the 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps Report, and we’re excited to see what the research uncovers.
This year, the survey’s focus areas include deployment toolchains, cloud, disaster recovery, the technical environment, how we work, and more. Take the survey to help us understand how to make the (software) world better.

Easing the transition from shared to dedicated database development

Working in a dedicated database model is the ideal. So, what does it take to move from shared development to a dedicated model? Infrastructure costs, merging multiple changes and maintaining an increased estate might be on your list of things to consider before committing to the switch. In this article we show how Redgate tools can ease the transition and new working approach.


Correlated Subqueries vs Derived Tables

By Bert Wagner

Correlated subqueries provide an intuitive syntax for writing queries that return related data. However,...

Video – Creating Azure SQL Database

By Arun Sirpal

A quick 2 minute upload (with sound, my voice) showing you how easy it...

Weekly reading #12

By damianwidera

It was an Easter Monday yesterday and I thought it was not a good...

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Distributed Groups – Re-initialise forwarder

By dannyboy121

Hello, I have a situation where I need to re-create a forwarder and its...

SQL Server BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally: Problems with the query, "

By tamil.selvanmca

Error Code-1073548784 Executing the query “BACKUP DATABASE [DBName] TO  DISK = N’J:\\Differ…” failed with...

Row_Number, partion and order by

By chris.stuart

Hi all I have the following SQL SELECT Account, LogDateTime, RowId, Cell, lag(LogDateTime) over...

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