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Overcoming Organization Challenges in Cloud Migration: A Webinar for Senior IT Leaders

Is your team looking to modernize and migrate your data but have questions about the complex organizational challenges? This webinar panel on June 29th covers all aspects of data modernization and migration that senior IT leaders should be aware of, including organization culture, communication, and politics. Why not send it to your boss?

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Creating Test Data

This editorial was originally published on Jan 9, 2020. It is being re-run as Steve is out of town. Test data is hard to come by, and I agree with Brent Ozar: " I get so frustrated when I hear trainers/presenters/bloggers/idealists talk about how developers should be using purpose-built-from-scratch data sets with no real customer […]

PostgreSQL 101: Getting started with PostgreSQL for SQL Server Developers (AEST and SGT Time Zones)

In the first two webinars, we've discussed why PostgreSQL has become such a force in recent years and some of the main differences for SQL Server users to know.
In this follow-up webinar, find out how to take your first steps using PostgreSQL.

Join Ryan Booz, PostgreSQL Advocate at Redgate, and discover:
-The freely available options to help you get started
-The essential tools you will need when using PostgreSQL
-Some learning resources to help you take the next steps


Code signing for mere mortals


Well, turns out code signing is pretty complex, so I’m writing this blog post...

Blogging for the Tech Professional at Denver Dev Days


For those that attended my talk at Denver Dev Days, here are the slides:...

Getting AI Written Unit Tests


As a part of my AI experiments, I decided to ask CoPilot to write...

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