Collections: Computed gaps for continuous numbers

Problem Finding the hole for continuous sequences of numbers could be a discouraging task even for advanced programmers. This article presents a new solution based on usage of geometry data type and on a unknown function (if not, maybe less used function) specific designed for geometry objects. Sample: Given the following sequence of [dis]continuous numbers […]

Now Is a Good Time for Choices

The whole world is going through some interesting times. Chances are pretty high that you’re working from home and your principal interaction with others is through virtual means. I know I’m that way as is my company, Redgate Software. It can be challenging or rewarding, depending on how you go about it. What’s even more […]


T-SQL Tuesday Live–31 Mar 2020


I’m hosting another live T-SQL Tuesday event tomorrow, which is really just a casual...

Administration Basics: Point in time recovery


Nowadays, data is a precious asset for companies today. If you are a database...

Living with Bipolar During a Pandemic


Introduction Today is World Bipolar Day.  I wanted to write a blog about my...

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