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Last week was supposed to be my turn to curate Database Weekly and write an editorial to go along with it. Graciously, Mr. Louis Davidson (@drsql) offered to switch weeks while I was in Cambridge, England with most of the Redgate Marketing team for our yearly global gathering at HQ. As a remote worker on […]

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Power BI Treemap Chart Step-by-Step Tutorial

Microsoft Power BI Desktop provides a wide variety of visuals to its users. Sometimes, one wants to conduct a comparative analysis, a simple way to explore the relationship between the data categories within a set hierarchy. Hence, when a decision revolves around understanding the relationship of each element, this visual can provide an insightful analysis. This article will highlight all the steps to create a treemap chart in Power BI Desktop.


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how to find the cpu memory disk and network of the OS where RDS is residing.

By rajemessage 14195

hi, i have one RDS, but i do not have any other permissions, and...

“user_scans” of table “sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats”

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how to assign studentid from one table to other one? please

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Good Morning,   how to assign query one results to query 2 student id,...

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A Lack of Memory Grant Feedback Persistence

SQL Server has added an Intelligent Query Processing feature called Memory Grant Feedback. In SQL Server 2022, this can be persisted across queries to improve the performance of future executions. In SQL Server 2022, when is memory grant feedback not persisted if the plan is evicted from cache? (choose 2)

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