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I'm answering a question in the forums and I spot something that crawls up my spine: ;WITH... The person was using a Common Table Expression (CTE) which requires that the preceding statement in the batch have a statement terminator, the semi-colon. However, since the terminator isn't required everywhere, lots of people don't use it at […]


sp_GetRowcount: How to count the number of rows in any SQL Server table fast


Have you ever had to find the number of rows in a user table,...

Webinar with Pavilion Data 2022.02.09


Heraflux Technologies was invited to co-present on an “Ask the Experts” webinar with Pavilion...

VS Live Cancelled


I got a note this week from the organizers of VS Live. They let...

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Run SQL Query in C#

By water490

Hi I am working with SSIS to automate data collection.  I need to make...

configure SSRS using powershell

By Dan

Dear all, I am seeing an issue with configuring SSRS When I am trying...

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