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Save $200 by registering for a PASS Summit 2024 3-day ticket before July 16

PASS Data Community Summit 2024 is taking place in Seattle from November 4-8. With over 150 sessions and over 140 different speakers, this year's event promises something for everyone, with a broad variety of topics covered by a range of data industry experts.

If you're looking to connect, share and learn with the data community this year, make sure you register for PASS Summit before the next price bump and save $200 on a 3-day ticket. Beat the price bump by registering for your ticket before July 15, 23:59 PM PT.


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A New Word: Fitching


fitching – v. intr. compulsively turning away from works of art you find frustratingly,...

Copilot in Microsoft Fabric


Microsoft Copilot is an app that uses AI to help you find information, create content,...

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