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Redgate has committed to organizing a free virtual Summit for the PASS Community this fall. To help guide the format and provide you and the data platform community with the best virtual event experience possible, we'd appreciate your input. As a thank you for your feedback you could win a Peloton Bike or $3,000 (the equivalent in your local currency) to donate to your chosen charity.


T-SQL Tuesday #137–Notebook Uses


It’s actually my month to host T-SQL Tuesday, and I came up with the...

Daily Coping 13 Apr 2021


I started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

Converting a SQL Server Docker image to a WSL2 Distribution


Windows Subsystem for Linux is probably my favourite feature of Windows 10. It gives...

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Help with a query

By Puiu

Hi all! I want to create a stored procedure that returns a result based...

connect to mdf file of localDB

By snomadj

Potentially dumb question.  There is 1 x ldf & 1 x mdf for DB1. ...

Incorrect update

By marcin89

Hello, I made mistake during updating cells in table.In column that contains int type,...

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