Deceptive Visualizations

I'm sure there are plenty of examples, but I've seen deceptive data visualizations far too often in mass media. I don't often watch the news, but at times I've been at the gym, saw a graph on a television, and been a little surprised. The issue that bothered me is similar to what's discussed in […]


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Live On Stage AND On Your Screen

I've just finished up teaching at an in-person event, the first in fifteen months. It was the SQL Server and Azure SQL Conference (formerly known as SQLIntersection). The event organizers did a great job making it into a hybrid event, where  we presented both in-person and virtually, so that people could choose if they wanted […]

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Scaling Deployment

This week there was an interesting article on DevOps and Ancestry.com's DevOps process. They are a fairly large enterprise, with 70+ teams that need to deploy code on a regular basis. As they've grown, there was some concern over each team learning how to best build their software pipeline. While they shared knowledge with each […]


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Built-in Duotone Image Filter, Editor Navigation via Persistent List View, and Other Block Editor Improvements


The next batch of exciting updates to the block editor is live on WordPress.com....

Are You a Diverse User Group or Event?


One of the things that I’ve seen crop up at various points in my...

Daily Coping 18 Jun 2021


I started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

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Deceptive Visualizations

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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Argument syntax for SSIS Execute Process Task Editor

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Hi, I'm trying to modify my SSIS packages to use sftp and since it...

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By YSLGuru

I have included the DDL to re-create the 2 tables in this examples. I...

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