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Do you listen to music when you work?

I want to make this a participation topic. When you are working, do you listen to music or do you need quiet? And if it isn’t music, do you do something else? TV, movies? For me, it is almost always music. As I write my first Database Weekly newsletter editorial in a few months, I […]

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There's No Free Lunch with Open-source Software

As a member of the PostgreSQL open-source community, I have been following the recent license change by Redis Labes on March 20, 2024. Redis introduced a dual license model, specifically adding the Redis Source Available License (RSAL), which prevents other vendors from providing Redis as a service without a paid subscription from Redis Labs. The […]

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To Each Their Own

I recently came back from a trip to Las Vegas. I was privileged to be able to take part in the very first Fabric Community Conference. It was a great event, well attended. BUT... It was in Las Vegas. I am not a fan. First of all, Vegas is just far too noisy for me. […]

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Flying Halfway Around the World to Australia


I leave tonight for Australia. I was in London 3 days ago, so this...

Dealing with Change – Two Resources


As I look at the state of information technology today, I see one constant:...

Cloud Databases Made Simple: Creating Your First AWS RDS Instance


I recently started full time learning of Amazon Web Services (AWS). I found that...

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