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Exploring SQL Server 2000 Configuration Properties

The SQL Server tools are top notch and often other platforms attempt to duplicate their handiness. Enterprise Manager is one that every DBA uses and it can perform a myriad of functions to configure your server. Read this new article by Dale Elizabeth Corey that looks that the wide range of items in the Configuration Properties of this tool.

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2007-10-02 (first published: )

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Litespeed for SQL Server

Your backups are critical for the success and stability of your business. However as backup sizes grow and servers proliferate, managing the backups and storing all this data becomes a challenge. Dale Elizabeth Corey brings us a look at Imceda's Litespeed for SQL Server, a fantastic utility for helping manage your backups.

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Netlib Encryptionizer Review

SQL Server 2000 has a weak point in how it handles security. SA can see everything, a notion that disturbs many people, especially those that have data security requirements. Netlib has a great product that allows you to encrypt columns, tables, or databases in a way that is seemless to your application. Dale Corey takes a look at this product and how you might use it in your application.

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Review: AppRadar

Security in SQL Server is every DBA's concern. Your data is critical and ensuring that it is secure and intact is your responsibility. Application Security's AppRadar is reviewed by Dale Elizabeth Corey and provides monitoring of your critical databases for malicious activity and more.

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Review: Log PI

Ever have a transaction you need to roll back? Undo a fat finger? There are a number of log reading products available for SQL Server to help with you in this area. Dale Corey takes a look at LOG PI with an extensive review of the product, including a bunch of screenshots..

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Review: NGSSquirrel

NGS Software is in the security business and have been very successful in finding vulnerabilities in many products, notable SQL Server. They have used their expertise to build products to help you better secure your systems. Dale Corey looks at one of those products, NGSSquirrel, which does vulnerability assessment.

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Review: SQL Trace Manager

Setting up SQL Server server-side traces is not the easiest task in the world. Quantum Software Research has built a product that is an MMC add-in to manage these traces. Author Dale Corey takes a look at this product and how well it works with SQL Server 2000.

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