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Litespeed for SQL Server


Review of LiteSpeed 2005

by Dale Corey, 04/12/05


Are you looking for a SQL Server backup tool that will

provide you with fast backups and recovery, integrated compression, and

encryption?  LiteSpeed 2005 provides all that and then some.  Here's some key points:

  • New console and enterprise view.

  • LiteSpeed 2005 provides faster performance because

    backups are multi-threaded into a single file.  In fact, in January

    2005, LiteSpeed announced that it could back up two terabytes of data in

    less that one hour.

  • LiteSpeed 2005 claims that your backup sizes can be

    reduced by up to 95% via data compression.  With data compression,

    return on investment figures of $200 to $300 dollars per gigabyte saved is

    not uncommon.  LiteSpeed 2005 contains multi compression libraries. 

    Compression levels can be user definable.

  • Encryption, a feature not commonly found in similar

    products, is especially nice with LiteSpeed 2005.  The encryption

    feature (up to 168-bit) will put you right on track with new regulatory standards such as

    HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the UK Data Protection.  LiteSpeed 2005

    provides multiple encryption libraries.  Encryption methods include RC2

    (40-bit, 56 bit, 112 bit, 128 bit ), RC4 (128-bit), or 3DES (168 Bit).

  • LiteSpeed 2005 provides object level recovery to a CSV

    file or to a new table using DTS (this includes standard Microsoft backups).  

  • LiteSpeed 2005 provides a fully documented extended

    stored procedure library (replaces the backup and restore syntax in your SQL


  • LiteSpeed 2005 can be made to interface with Tivoli

    Storage Manager (TSM) through the TSM API.

  • LiteSpeed

    2005 is

    fully programmable and scriptable with TSQL, command line interfaces.

  • LiteSpeed 2005 allows you to use UNC paths.

  • LiteSpeed

    2005 works well in a clustered environment.


native SQL Server backup, you cannot restore a partially corrupted backup

file.  However, LiteSpeed 2005 can

recover data from a corrupt SQL Server backup file. It can also extract

individual tables from a full backup file (including damaged backup



LiteSpeed 2005, even

if you use compression and the backup file becomes corrupt, LiteSpeed

2005 compresses the data in small discreet blocks so the whole file is not

needed to perform decompression. You would still have a high probability of

recovery unless you have problems with your disk drive involving corrupted


LiteSpeed 2005 claims the following 

customer results (on a 1TB SQL Server database):

 With Native BackupWith LiteSpeed
Backup Size800 GB125 GB
Backup Time6 hours2 hours
Restore Time11 hours5.5 hours

Note:  Feature availability is controlled by the license type.


LiteSpeed 2005 requires the following operating systems and

database servers:


Minimum Requirement

Operating SystemWindows 2003 (All Service Packs)

Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4)

Windows XP (Service Pack 1)

Database ServerSQL Server 2000 (Service Pack 3a)

SQL Server 2000 64-bit (Service Pack 3a)

SQL Server 7.0 (Service Pack 4)

SQL Server 2005 "Yukon" (Beta 2 or Higher)


Installation of LiteSpeed 2005 is extremely easy and consists

of the usual:  installation notes, license agreement, customer information,

destination folder, and complete or custom setup.  You will also install

extended stored procedures (these can be uninstalled later), and if wanted,

activity logging (local and/or central repository).  After that, you will

be asked to register your product via an activation key.

Using LiteSpeed 2005

Backup/Restore Options

LiteSpeed 2005 installs the following options on your Program menu:

The standard configuration for LiteSpeed 2005 comes with an MMC snap-in and a

number of β€˜assistants’ can guide you through backup and restore processes:

If you are a command line fanatic, you can restore and backup a database from

the command line (see backup example below):

C:\>sqllitespeed -Bdatabase -T -DNorthwind -Ff:\temp\northwind.bak)

If you are a scripting fanatic, you can backup and restore with LiteSpeed

2005 scripting commands (see backup script below):

EXEC master.dbo.xp_backup_database @database='Northwind'

  , @filename='F:\MSSQL\Backup\Northwind_Backup.BAK'

  , @init=1

  , @encryptionkey='Password'

LiteSpeed 2005 provides you with several extended stored procedures for

scripting.  You can execute these procedures in Query Analyzer or other SQL

scripting tools (e.g., Imceda's SQL IDE or SQL IDE Pro).

Activity Logging

Activity logging (set up during installation - see Installation section)

allows you to collect and retain statistics on backups through local repositories

or consolidated into a central repository.  Activity reports are available.

Native Command Substitution

Native Command Substitution (NCS) allows you to convert all your native

backup and restore commands to the LiteSpeed 2005 equivalent.  Numerous

Query Analyzer templates are available.  For example, the native SQL

command to backup the Northwind database would be:


In LiteSpeed 2005, that translates to:

EXEC master.dbo.xp_backup_database @database='Northwind'

Enterprise Console

The Enterprise Console is a GUI that will allow you to manage your LiteSpeed

2005 functions.  It provides you with a speed bar (common buttons), task

pad (left hand panels - see below), tree (with colour coding), options (total

cost of ownership/cost per gigabyte , refresh timer, and database status

indicators), server groups (which can be added), server management (you can

register servers), status reports (failed, completed, in progress, etc.),

specified backup directories, backup/restore wizards and dialog, database

maintenance, job views per server instance, server monitoring (processes and

process information), and bug reporting and submitting.   I was

totally thrilled the first time I ran the backup wizard for the Northwind

database and my backup was complete in 3.768 seconds.  Can you believe


Note:  The example above is with statistics disabled.  If my statistics had been enabled, the statistics would look something like

the Imceda example below:


You can set up default options by clicking on View/Options on

the menu.

Backup/Restore Examples

I ran through a number of regular backups/restores (immediate

and scheduled), wizards, command line examples, and scripts.  All of which,

were a breeze.

Context Menus

The quickest way to backup or restore a database is by right

clicking on the database and invoking the context menu.

Maintenance Plans

You can also set up Maintenance Plans easily:

Backup with Encryption

1.  Set up the database, backup, destination, and


2.  Set up the schedule.

3.  Set up the encryption options.

4.  Set up the backup options.

You're done!

Object Level Recovery

  1. To perform an object level recovery, just click on the

    Object Level Recovery button

    on the Speed Bar:

2.  Choose your backup file to restore:

3.  View the contents and choose the table:

4.  Choose the recovery option (CSV or new table using

DTS), click Next, and then confirm your choice:

5.  Start the recovery or view the script, click Next, and

then view the final results:

You're done!


Imceda offers the following support options:

They also offer Live Chat by LivePerson which I accessed once

and received a reply from "Walter" within 20 seconds.  No



It is a true pleasure to be able to review a product as great as LiteSpeed

2005.  Imceda truly is a leader in the market with this product and

LiteSpeed 2005 is a superior competitor for similar products from Ultrabac, SQL

Safe, SQL Standard, and SQL Backup.  I could not believe the speed of the

backups.  If you have the mother load of databases and need a quick and

reliable backup, LiteSpeed 2005 is the way to go.  Even if your databases

are not huge, just the TCO and ROI alone on this product makes it worth it.

There is only one downside to LiteSpeed 2005, Imceda is not too open about

pricing.  You will have to contact them directly (see last section on

Product Information).


I will rate each of the following using a scale from 1 to 5. 5 being the best

and 1 being the worst. Comments are in the last column.

Ease of Use5Too easy!  πŸ™‚
Feature Set5Perfect!
Value4.5$595 for single processor, $1195 for dual processor. 

Other competitor products are cheaper.

Technical Support5The Live Chat response did it for me!
Lack of Bugs5None found.
Documentation5Nothing lacking.
Performance5Are you kidding?  It screams!
Installation5Very easy.  Little bumpy with setting up the


Learning Curve5Very easy.

Product Information

Web Site: Litespeed

for SQL Server

Developer: Imceda Software, Inc.

Pricing (please contact one of the following):

United States

Worldwide Headquarters

15 3rd Avenue

Burlington, MA 01803

Telephone: (781) 229-6300

Toll Free: (888) 763-7685

Facsimile: (781) 229-6302

Email: info@imceda.com  

United Kingdom

Europe, Middle East, and Africa Headquarters

Unit 5, Commerce Industrial Estate

Brunel Road, Theale, Reading RG7 4AD

Telephone: +44 (0) 118 903 2400

Facsimile: +44 (0) 118 903 2401

Email: EuroSales@imceda.com


Asia Pacific Headquarters

Level 8 620 Bourke Street

Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Telephone: +61 (0) 3 9640 0992

Facsimile: +61 (0) 3 9640 0224

Email: apacsales@imceda.com


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