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  • "COMMENT: It seems reporting was the only “feature” really evaluated in this review. AppRadar’s ability to as an Audit tool is just one component, as the review showed. What was failed to be pinpointed was AppRadar’s ability to detect malicious activity (ie. Buffer overflows and web application attacks including SQL injection and cross-site scripting), separating our solution from other vendor products in the space."


    Excuse me?  Buffer overflow and SQL injection was mentioned in the review.  However cross-site scripting was not even highlighted by AppRadar in their documentation as a "selling point", anywhere.  After using the reporting function, you will understand why I rated the feature set as a 3 out of 5.  Detecting malicious activity, as well as reporting such acitivity, are equally as important in a DBA's world.  In fact, in the intereset of a DBA, I think reporting is MORE important in order to evaluate the activity properly after it has been detected.

  • "COMMENT: Most of the review was taken from our documentation."

    The documentation was used as a "guideline" to emphasize key marketing points.  Bullet items were kept mostly intact but with edits.  All other content from the documentation was mainly rewritten.  All other comments/observations are of the author's personal opinion.  I am sure AppRadar appreciated all the original screen shots that I produced during the evaluation and review (as was lacking in their documentation).

    The AppRadar software was loaded on a dual processor pentium Windows 2000/SQL 2000 server, on which,two days of comprehensive testing and evaluation was performed.  Each screen shot in the review is original from the author (with the exceptions of Figures 1 and 10).  When testing the reporting interface, reporting was apparently the most dissappointing feature, and therefore, was highlighted as such.

  • "EDITORS NOTE: This one was my fault. I was coordinating between the vendor and reviewer and did not respond to things in a timely manner. Once I clarified the reviewer with AppRadar, they issued a key immediately."

    I must mention that I had requested an evaluation copy of this software as a private individual before doing this review.  It wasn't until a week later, after AppRadar had been informed that I was doing this review, that I received a response.

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