Top Ten Features of Enterprise Manager

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  • One nice thing you can do well using all of these EM features is have profiler running in the background. That way you can view all the SQL commands that are being used to generate these commands, very useful

  • One thing missing from the list which is extremely useful...Taskpad.

    Go to a database, then hit view-->Taskpad, it will give you a reperesentation of the database, along with log and data freespace, plus a tab with all the table and index information including rows and disk space used.

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  • One of the nice things in EM  missing in the list is the diagramming feature. Within the diagram, you can design the tables and relationships. Or simply, it allows you to reverse engineer or document your application.

    Unfortunately, this feature seems to be going away in SQL Server 2005.


  • The reason it is not present in 2005, i think, could be because tools like ERwin are much better at both forward & reverse engineering. From what I know we can add or-and create tables, design relationships and do basically everything which can be done in table design. Another benefit is that it can be useful for documentation purposes.

    Are there any other benefits of the Digrams in SQL server EM?

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  • It may be that Erwin is better, but I think that they are using the Viso for .net architects aspect of the development tools in an attempt to supplement the bottom dollar.

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