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Moore's Law: Navigating the Pace of Technological Change

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Technology has always been a driving force in shaping our world, propelling us forward into new realms of innovation and progress. One of the most famous concepts in technology is Moore's Law, which suggests that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles approximately every two years, leading to exponential increases in computing power. In […]

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SQLServerCentral Editorial

Consider Sharing Your Knowledge At User Groups and Conferences

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The first time I spoke in front of a group of people over 20 years ago about a programming topic, I was scared to death. I could barely sleep the night before, obsessing about the material and practicing it repeatedly. When I finally did sleep, it felt like minutes before I awoke, and it was […]

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SQLServerCentral Editorial

The Case for Patching

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Recently I was testing a feature in SQL Server on 2017 and 2019. There was supposed to be an improvement across versions, but I didn't see it. Then I realized that I was on SQL Server 2019 CU 2 on my laptop, and the current CU is 17. I took a few minutes to download […]

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