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Software Updates, Outages, Processes, and Protocols

This past Thursday, February 22, AT&T had a major outage on their U.S. network. For upwards of 10 hours, hundreds of thousands of customers could not make phone calls, send or receive texts, or use mobile data for apps or browsing websites. Aside from not being able to communicate as normal, it also appeared to […]

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Learning Never Gets Old

It’s been a goal for several years to write (or help write) a book on a topic I love. While I can’t share details yet, there’s some movement on this dream and I’m excited about it. And I’m even more excited that I get to do it alongside someone that I’ve respected for a long […]

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The Voice of the Customer

This week I had the opportunity to join many of the U.S.-based Redgaters in Austin to talk about 2024 plans, hear from the product teams, and have some much-needed fellowship. One thing was particularly clear as I listened to various leaders and product managers – the customer drives everything we do. And I have to […]

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A Thrill of Hope

I realize that this isn’t the last Database Weekly editorial of the year – that honor is reserved for Louis Davidson next week. 😊 However, as we approach the end of the year and various holiday celebrations, one of my favorite Christmas carols has been of particular encouragement to me recently. 2023 hasn’t gone exactly […]

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Learning with Sample Data

I just had my one-year anniversary working for Redgate, and I must tell you, it’s been one of the best years of my professional career of 25 years. People aside (and there are a lot of really great people!), one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed this year so much is that Redgate understands and believes […]

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Community at PASS Summit

Last Saturday, September 23, was the first day of Fall. Regardless of how much has happened and changed over the last three and a half years, time keeps marching forward. And yet, there's exciting familiarity every time I see November approaching because I know something special is about to happen for those of us in […]

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The Impact of Small Changes

A year ago, I started a monthly blogging event for the PostgreSQL community, inspired by T-SQL Tuesdays. I decided to call it PGSQL Phriday. (Time will tell if my insistence on trying to use a literation was a good idea or not.) Like the event for the SQL Server community, we ask someone to be […]

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A Season of Reflection

As I think about heading into the fall conference season (and seeing so many familiar faces!!), I realize that I'm going to be asking myself a set of familiar questions. Who am I? What skills do I need to improve on in the coming year? Who do I look up to in the community and […]

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Small Changes, Big Results

Last week I was able to attend THAT conference in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. It was my first time in the great state of cheese, and the conference lived up to its reputation. As a developer focused conference (rather than a database conference), I didn't have much expectation that my session about automating database changes would […]

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The Data Professional Social Graph

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to hear a keynote by Vik Fearing at Swiss PGDay 2023. He talked about Property Graphs and the Graph Query Language (not to be confused with GraphQL), a recent addition to the SQL:2023 standard. The discussion was mostly theoretical in nature because only Oracle has a current implementation […]

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A New Word: Proluctance


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10 reasons why IT certifications are still important


As someone who has spent over 20 years in the Software/Data Engineering area and...

Know Thy Platform


IT and data professionals, I implore you – know thy platform. All of it....

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I have this view:

 cn.CityNameID, cn.CityName
 FROM dbo.CityName AS cn
How can I modify the view to make it is updatable with this code?
INSERT City (CityName) VALUES ('Dillon')

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