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Baseball Everywhere

Last week was supposed to be my turn to curate Database Weekly and write an editorial to go along with it. Graciously, Mr. Louis Davidson (@drsql) offered to switch weeks while I was in Cambridge, England with most of the Redgate Marketing team for our yearly global gathering at HQ. As a remote worker on […]

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Honeybee Swarms

I love honeybees. This will be my seventh year as an amateur beekeeper, and aside from family or data, there are few other topics that I could easily spend an afternoon talking to you about. They’re amazing creatures. This past winter I had to move my beehives temporarily to the apiary of a friend. With […]

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2024-05-12 (first published: )

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There's No Free Lunch with Open-source Software

As a member of the PostgreSQL open-source community, I have been following the recent license change by Redis Labes on March 20, 2024. Redis introduced a dual license model, specifically adding the Redis Source Available License (RSAL), which prevents other vendors from providing Redis as a service without a paid subscription from Redis Labs. The […]

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Give It Away

Tech conference season is in full swing, and it’s only the middle of March. Between Grant, Steve, and I, we’ve attended or presented at about 10 events so far. And within my community of developers and database folks, I’ve seen pictures and posts of many more. As I’ve said a few times in previous editorials, […]

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Software Updates, Outages, Processes, and Protocols

This past Thursday, February 22, AT&T had a major outage on their U.S. network. For upwards of 10 hours, hundreds of thousands of customers could not make phone calls, send or receive texts, or use mobile data for apps or browsing websites. Aside from not being able to communicate as normal, it also appeared to […]

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Learning Never Gets Old

It’s been a goal for several years to write (or help write) a book on a topic I love. While I can’t share details yet, there’s some movement on this dream and I’m excited about it. And I’m even more excited that I get to do it alongside someone that I’ve respected for a long […]

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The Voice of the Customer

This week I had the opportunity to join many of the U.S.-based Redgaters in Austin to talk about 2024 plans, hear from the product teams, and have some much-needed fellowship. One thing was particularly clear as I listened to various leaders and product managers – the customer drives everything we do. And I have to […]

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A Thrill of Hope

I realize that this isn’t the last Database Weekly editorial of the year – that honor is reserved for Louis Davidson next week. 😊 However, as we approach the end of the year and various holiday celebrations, one of my favorite Christmas carols has been of particular encouragement to me recently. 2023 hasn’t gone exactly […]

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Learning with Sample Data

I just had my one-year anniversary working for Redgate, and I must tell you, it’s been one of the best years of my professional career of 25 years. People aside (and there are a lot of really great people!), one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed this year so much is that Redgate understands and believes […]

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Community at PASS Summit

Last Saturday, September 23, was the first day of Fall. Regardless of how much has happened and changed over the last three and a half years, time keeps marching forward. And yet, there's exciting familiarity every time I see November approaching because I know something special is about to happen for those of us in […]

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