Consider Sharing Your Knowledge At User Groups and Conferences

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  • The first time I presented at a conference, the speaking in front of an audience was not a problem.

    I think a large part of that was in the years before the conference I had given training sessions in-house.  The speaking in front of an audience bit had therefore been done repeatedly with a fairly tame audience.  Also an audience where I knew the size before the session, and one specifically interested in the scope of what I was going to talk about.

    I think doing a bit of teaching like this can be really useful preparation for people thinking about speaking at a conference.  You may still have worries about the scope of what you plan to say, but you should gave built up the confidence that your presentation skills at at least good enough.

    One thing I tell myself before starting to speak is 'its showtime folks'. It helps set my focus on the presentation rather than the material I am presenting. It is also a reminder that all presentations are at least as much a piece of theatre as anything else. Get out there and perform.

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  • Another way to gain confidence when speaking in front of others is to join a Toastmasters club, or at least check out a meeting.

    There are clubs all over the world and most of them welcome guests to come and see what it's all about (at no cost).

  • I second the Toastmasters suggestion. Membership is very affordable. They helped me dramatically reduce my use of non-words in a very short period of time.

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