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  • Thank you, Steve, for sharing this interesting article. I'm less concerned about AI taking over my job. I'm just one of those who doesn't buy into the hype about AI replacing huge percentages of (fill in the blank). I see it taking over some positions and just like when barns to house horses went away at the dawn of automobiles taking over, those workers whose jobs were replaced adapted. Or at least some of them did.

    Another reason I don't see my current job going away is because I work in state government. In many ways all state government jobs have a high level of security against being replaced/downsized. The reason for that is economic - they need all those state employees working so they can pay for the pensions of all those other state employees who retired. AI doesn't earn money that pays into pensions.

    Just a few comments on 5 things the ITPro article mentioned, in positions where I work. Specializing in a niche is not easy. Everything we do is generic enough that thousands of other developers would know what we do.

    The work we do isn't complex. In fact, it's boring. I don't find much challenge here.

    AI has been slowly gaining in Visual Studio and I love using the most recent versions of VS whenever they go GA. Some of my colleagues don't like changing from old versions. Heck some of them are still quite happy with VS 2013.

    I'd say everyone on my team, at least, is good at documenting their code. Good for us! 🙂

    The last item, involving oneself in application deployment and management is interesting and surprising to me. Five years ago, I became the TFS administrator. Not because I was good at managing TFS (at the time I wasn't), but because I happened to spend time learning how to work with TFS in Visual Studio, whereas my fellow developers didn't. As we started adopting other technologies, such as Azure DevOps and now GitHub, I've been identified as the person to help lead these activities. What's weird about this is the culture where I work tends not to see how DevOps practices are to be used by everyone. Instead, they see people like me as a developer who also does DevOps, whereas everyone else only develops. There's a strong expectation that everyone will only do one thing and never change their practice or process. Consequently, I will make a CI/CD pipeline for my code, but everyone else just builds and deploys from Visual Studio like they've always done going back to the early 2000s.

    Kindest Regards, Rod Connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • Good to hear you document code. That's a good start. I think AI can be a good tool, but like anything else, you have to make an effort to change and use it.

    I have seen this in trades. For awhile, lots of carpenters didn't use nail guns, both because of the tech/cost and habits, but that's changed. I also see lots of plumbers now moving to plastic piping and different connectors, because they not only do the job, but they're much faster.

    Hard to get some people to change, even when there are clear advantages. Some people will continue with old habits, and I guess that's OK, as long as the costs and time don't cause problems.

  • As a "creative," one whose primary competency is writing, I'm apparently in the crosshairs of AI. And, having used ChatGPT quite a bit this year, it's easy to see why some would jump to that conclusion.

    Maybe down the road 10 or 15 years I could be replaced, but good marketing communications (what I do) requires a thorough understanding of your own brand and culture and your audience's needs and motivations. A generic AI won't be able to master that ... yet.

    On the other hand, I've used ChatGPT when I've had a bit of writer's block or needed some ideas about shaping content. I've never used the output unedited, but it has been a helpful tool. Perhaps it will always just be that: a tool.

    Trying to figure out the world of SQL as marketing consultant for SQL Solutions Group

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