The Top SQL Server Engine Errors

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  • Good Lord... I don't know why I went and read some of the resolutions for this list but thanks for bringing it up, Steve.

    Read the "Resolution" section for the 3rd most common in that list under "OS errors 665 and 1450".  I mean STUDY IT.  After decades of existence for Windows and SQL Server and DBCC CHECKDB, you get problems because of THOSE types of problems???  Especially when the recommendation is to do DBCC CHECKDB on a very regular basis, which virtually guarantees the need to let it create a snapshot?  Here's the link they provide.

    On that thread, it has a another link and it has the interesting title of "Operating system error 665 file system limitation not just for DBCC anymore"

    Here's the link for convenience...

    The title seriously interested me because it implied and seemed to support the idea that DBCC CHECKDB may have some serious issues.  Since I've lately been hounding people about the grand mistake of defraggmenting indexes, just imagine my "joy" at finding how index maintenance can exacerbate the problem.  Also understand the serious smile that I enjoyed in the realization that, because I'm old school, I still concern myself with things like pre-sizing large files, etc, etc.

    And, using "ReFS" instead of "NTFS" is something I've not heard about... being rather divorced from the hardware side for more than a decade now, I had no idea about any of the faults they spoke of nor even knew of "ReFS".  I certainly didn't know a thing about formatting disks with the /L option and all that pertains to.

    The good part is, my old habits from the days of early spinning rust may have helped the systems I've "owned" along the way.

    I'm still pretty disgusted with the fact that such operating system errors are considered to be the 3rd most common error.  Even more amazing that MS makes no mention of these types of errors in the documentation.


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  • I am amazed the OS comes into play so often, but I get it. This is an app on a host OS. The bigger issue, to me, is a lack of tooling to help set/correct this stuff easier for the end user.

    I was surprised by many of these as I haven't seen them in the wild. Makes me think these are low hanging fruit for MS to help less experienced people. This is the first step, but next the tools/install/etc team needs to address them.

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