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Outsourcing Operations

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When I first started working in technology in the 90s, it was a time of outsourcing lots of work overseas. Many large companies followed the wave of manufacturing in the 70s and 80s by many companies, including lots of semi-conductor manufacturers. I watched as a number of jobs moved overseas, though fortunately not mine. In […]


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Fear of "What If"

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Fear and aging. Two of the things that most human beings have in common is that we are scared and getting older. Most of us we fear getting older, but that is a very different conversation altogether. I want to talk about the fear of what if. Today I have two things I am keenly […]

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2023-02-06 (first published: )

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Learning Leads To Learning

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I am an amateur radio operator. In the US this is commonly referred to as a ham, or a ham radio operator. My call sign is KC1KCE, as issued by the US government through the FCC. And yeah, I can hear you now, a ham is the geek equivalent of a cross-fitter. How do you […]

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2023-01-20 (first published: )

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Improving Skills at Work

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A large part of the success I've had in my career has come from growing my skills, both technical and soft, throughout the years. I've always been driven to learn more and improve my ability to accomplish the tasks I've been assigned. Or those that I've sought out and tackled. A little initiative has been […]

2022-12-23 (first published: )

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Experimenting with RedisGraph on Docker and Windows


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Resources for Adding Graph Structures to Your Database at VS Live


Thanks to everyone who attended my talk at VS Live Las Vegas 2023 on...

Resources for Architecting Zero Downtime Deployments


I delivered my talk on Architecting Zero Downtime Deployments yesterday at VS Live Las...

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