Career Growth

Learning Intentionally with a List

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We're coming up on the middle of the year, and I wonder if you are improving your career this year? Did you make plans and are you sticking to them? I've been tracking progress on my goals, and so far mediocre progress. It's tough to learn, but even tougher to learn when you don't have […]

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Living Life

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It's a holiday weekend in the US this weekend. As such, many of you will be taking a break from work and enjoying time with family, as well as remembering some history in the US. If you're in the rest of the world, hopefully you have a holiday coming up soon you can enjoy. One […]


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Lambda Architecture in data systems and possible meaning of this name


(2021-Sep-21) There is one scene in "The Core" movie that I really like when two geophysicists...

Removing a Deleted Column from a Data Masker Masking Set


Data Masker for SQL Server is a great tool ensuring the data you use...

Containers: A Short Rant


I find myself doing more and more work with containers. Yet, I also find...

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Page number in forum topic

By ShaunHardy

Hi all. I’m not even sure if this is the right section to post...

Metadata-Data-Ratio in a table

By sean redmond

Hi all, My understanding about the structure of data within SQL Server is that...

Always On - why No failover occurred?

By onlo

Hi, I am using SQL 2016 (13.0.5888.11). Last Saturday (18th September), in non-office hours,...

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