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Losing Skills Because of Automation

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When I was younger, it seemed that everyone I worked with in technology knew how to build a computer. Most knew how to work with a BIOS, were comfortable with command lines, and could assemble complex compiler directives into a Make file. Over time, it seems many people, especially Windows and MacOS users, became focused […]

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SQLServerCentral Editorial

Life Organization

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For years, those of us in technology have often worked outside of the core working hours for the rest of our organization. Whether this is being on-call, staying late, or coming in when asked. It's not uncommon for many developers and Ops staff to work 60, 70, or more hours to get things built/deployed/supported for […]

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Speaking at SQLSaturday MN 2022


Thanks all for joining me for two sessions at SQLSaturday Minnesota 2023, and for...

Goal Progress for Nov 2022


I set goals at the beginning of the year, and I’m tracking my progress...

PGSQL PHRIDAY #3: What is the PostgreSQL Community To You?


Very excited to take part in my third #PGSQLPhriday blogging event, even more so...

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