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Time Slots - An Essential Extension to Calendar Tables

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After answering many forum entries from developers asking for help with dealing with SQL that involved time intervals and ranges, Dwain dreamed of a generalized tool that sets up time slots of various sorts without the need to experiment; that could do the heavy lifting, so that developers could do aggregations and reports based on time intervals without the hard graft. Here is Dwain's dream made reality.


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RE: SQL server 2000 and Outlook security issues?

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I don't think the mention of Notepad was "silly" at all.  It sounded to me as if Outlook was forbidden simply because it is a client application, but there are others.  You have clarified above as a client application with lots of dependencies, which changes things somewhat.  Since you're not using DTS package, it probably doesn't […]


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bulk copy execution failed when using DTS Import/Export Wizard

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Hi Guys,I am using DTS Import/Export Wizard to copy database from one machine to another. I created a new database on the destination. In 'Specify Table Copy or Query' window, I chose 'Copy obects and data between SQL Server databases'. Error message is 'bulk copy execution failed'. Copy Database Wizard doesn't work either. How to […]


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RE: Convert Columnar Data to Row Data

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quote: That's why I included a where clause so that if you specif y one studentID you will get 75 rows you could specify several students paging by studentID also. Thanks, this has been a big help! The following is what I have set up: ************************** DECLARE @Grade AS Smallint DECLARE @TestID AS Varchar(10) SET […]


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