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How to hot-add a vCPU to a virtual SQL Server

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One of the benefits of running SQL on virtual environment is the capability to present additional vCPUs to the virtual server online and real-time without interruption to running processes. Our VM administrator normally presents only 1 vCPU on the virtual server and extends as required. This article describes how SQL Server is able to detect hot-added vCPUs in my virtual server.


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Easier way to use a path

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Is there an easier way to refer to a path, such as:\\servername\f$\folder 1\folder 2\folder n\application.exeCan I somehow give this path a "logical" name so that I can refer to that, instead of the long path everytime I use it in a job ?I have a server that points to other servers via jobs (enterprise mgr) […]


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RE: Storing an Excel Sheet in an SQL field.

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Ok, some thoughts about why you shouldn't put them in the DB. I will grant you this is a bit old school in thinking but it is something to consider. Why put something in a database -- You need to search on it -- You need to really control access and NTFS security is too […]



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