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RE: as database grows, performance slows, which way to go?

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First, please confirm: A previous poster suggested segregating the data by time period. Given that you note that the data will reach a maximum of 5,000,000 records, and your weekly addition of 100,000, I assume that this will ultimately either restart every (fiscal?) year, or end up being a running tally of the last 12 […]


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SQLXMLBulkLoad C# Issue on Insert :: URGENT HELP!

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I have a large dataset (names; in this context) of more than 50000 records which i wanted to dump into SQL Server using SQLXMLBulkLoad. I use C# and here is how i implemented:// Initialize OLEDB Connection for SQLXML Bulk LoadSQLXMLBulkLoad3Class bl = new SQLXMLBulkLoad3Class();bl.ConnectionString = ConUtil.GetBulkXMLConString();//bl.KeepIdentity = true; bl.BulkLoad = true; //bl.Transaction = true;bl.ErrorLogFile = "BulkImport.log";bl.ForceTableLock […]


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what does the backup log init do?

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what does the backup log init do?

Backup Log Init run again by mistake manually.

By vpmaciel

backup log to int run every hour. If a log init backup is run...

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