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“Oops, I Lost My Indexes in Azure SQL DB.”

I got an interesting request for consulting, and I’m going to paraphrase it: We were using Azure SQL DB with automatic index tuning enabled for months. Things were going great, but… we just deployed a new version of our code. Our deployment tool made the database schema match our source control, which… dropped the indexes Azure had created. How do we get them back?


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PostgreSQL Basics: Getting started with psql

PostgreSQL has a separate command-line tool that’s been available for decades and is included with any installation of PostgreSQL. Many long-term PostgreSQL users, developers, and administrators rely on psql to help them quickly connect to databases, examine the schema, and execute SQL queries.

Knowing how to install and use basic psql commands is an essential skill to have for anyone that will connect to PostgreSQL.


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PostgreSQL 101: A guide to PostgreSQL documentation & useful resources

It can be a daunting task for new users to get to grips with PostgreSQL documentation, particularly if you are not from a developer background.

If you are not sure where to start, we are here to help break down the different resources available so you can make the most of them.

In the latest webinar of our PostgreSQL 101 series, join Ryan Booz, PostgreSQL Advocate at Redgate, and Grant Fritchey, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, and discover:

- How to navigate PostgreSQL documentation
- The essential things you need to know about PostgreSQL documentation
- Other useful learning resources to help make your journey to using PostgreSQL easier

Register to join us on September 19th at 11am CT (5pm BST)



Penetration Testing your SQL Server, Part 1 – The Recon Mission


Since witnessing a rather nasty cyber attack around a year ago, I’ve been thinking...

SQL Saturday Denver 2023–VCS Primer for the Database slides


My slides are here: VCS Primer Denver 2023 This was an overview of what...

Future Data Driven 2023 is This Week


The Future Data Driven 2023 virtual conference is coming on Wednesday, September 27. Register...

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