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DateTime Conversion

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I currently, have a field in a table that is a numeric field = 20030104 - I need to convert this to a date field = 01/04/2003 - what is the proper syntax for use in a select statement?Note that I am creating a table and I tried to change the field type to datetime, […]


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SQLXMLBulkLoad C# Issue on Insert :: URGENT HELP!

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I have a large dataset (names; in this context) of more than 50000 records which i wanted to dump into SQL Server using SQLXMLBulkLoad. I use C# and here is how i implemented:// Initialize OLEDB Connection for SQLXML Bulk LoadSQLXMLBulkLoad3Class bl = new SQLXMLBulkLoad3Class();bl.ConnectionString = ConUtil.GetBulkXMLConString();//bl.KeepIdentity = true; bl.BulkLoad = true; //bl.Transaction = true;bl.ErrorLogFile = "BulkImport.log";bl.ForceTableLock […]


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RE: Return row number without using IDENTITY

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OK, MS is out of date; using a subquery is faster. Like this: Select t.tname, t.tid, ( Select count(t1.tid) From #test t1 where t1.tName < t.tName--This is where you signify the rank order ) NameRank From #test t ----------------Test Data------------------ if object_ID('tempdb..#test') is not null drop table #test create table #test (Tid int identity, tname […]


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RE: Preventing MSAccess Connections

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quote: Does anyone know of a way to prevent people who have query privledges from Accessing SQL Server with MS Access? Has anyone tried Application Roles for this? Assume for sake of argument that the reasons for giving them direct query access are valid. MS Access can unfortunately become a powerful tool in dangerously unskilled […]


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