Software Updates, Outages, Processes, and Protocols

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  • Hi Ryan, I don't use AT&T for my mobile carrier, and I don't work for them.

    I am heavily involved, in a weird way, in DevOps. I have been for a couple of years now. Interestingly enough for me, I've never seen "#HugOps" until I read this piece. I searched the term and was surprised to see how long it's been around. It makes sense why it came about, and I wish it were something used where I work. But the silo walls are skyscraper high and the corporate culture is more into keeping them high. Too bad.

    Kindest Regards, Rod Connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • My Boss:  "Hey, Rick, our xyz system is down".

    Me:  "So?".

    And I never got any hugs.

    Disaster Recovery = Backup ( Backup ( Your Backup ) )

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