Honeybee Swarms

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  • Thanks for that information.  It begs a couple of questions.

    • How do you know when the hive is about to swarm?
    • How do you go about "catching" the swarm?
  • Careful! Like I said, I could talk about bees for a long time. 🙂

    If you inspect your hives regularly (once every 10-14 days) you'll catch the hive making queen cells which is the giveaway. By the time you see these, it's usually less than a week before the hive will swarm, unless you manually split them in half (basically what the swarm does) in an attempt to keep the bees.

    But, if you miss it and they swarm, you hope that the bees stay close and in a place accessible enough to trap the queen into a new hive box to start a new hive. And 90% of the time, that simply means putting a box under the swarm and giving it a quick shake... with hopes that the queen ends up in the box. If she does, the bees start marching into the box within minutes. (it's an amazing thing to watch)

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