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  • Ok... on that note... it's a bit ironic having a RedGate employee talk to us about "Giving it away" when the very forum such an article is on has seriously suffered because RedGate can't or won't spend the time to fix it to make it easier for any of us to "Give it Away".

    Can you get the folks at RedGate to actually fix the problems with these forums that many of us have reported over the years including BEFORE (many of us did pre-release testing and they ignored virtually all of our findings) the change to WordPress.   We've been told that they're going to fix it for years and they haven't!

    And, I have to tell you that the following occurs more often than not when replying to a post.  Of course, it also takes a long time to get there.

    Let's make SSC great again, PLEASE!

    --Jeff Moden

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