There's No Free Lunch with Open-source Software

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  • Ryan,  I came across If this one guy got hit by a bus the worlds software would fall apart. It doesn't mention Redis, but does mention SQLLite with its 3 maintainers.

    I have yet to speak to a C level exec who doesn't think open-source is free, or at least free until you need enterprise level support.  There's quite a bit of push back within an organisation to be sure we need enterprise level support.  It's an "are you sure you need insurance" question.

    With regard to the big vendors capitalising on open-source software.

    • Playing fair with the rules = The spirit of the law.  The spirit of the law commands respected.
    • Playing by the rules = The letter of the law

    Although the letter of the law is supposed to codify the spirit of the law it is a very difficult thing to capture. It does seem wrong that cloud providers make such vast sums on the back of someone else's hard work though it is playing by the rules.



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