DevOps falling short?

Organizations are looking for help with their DevOps implementation, including Redgate tools, knowing where they want to go with their production and deployment but not sure where to start. Clear Measure have designed a 30-point DevOps Inspection & Report to provide you with the feedback and guidance you need to take your software development and deployment to another level. Request your inspection now.


Fixing MLS Python Services to Load the Runtime

Recently I went to work on a SQL Server 2017 instance and couldn't get the Python runtime to load. I'd keep getting this error: A strange error for me to see, and one that didn't quite make sense. How can the runtime not launch? However, restarting the instance still resulted in this error: Msg 39021, […]


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What the ???? T-SQL Tuesday #120


Hey, it’s T-SQL Tuesday again! I almost forgot about it what with Summit and...

First Time Speaking at PASS Summit


This week, I filmed my experience as a first time speaker at PASS Summit...

Azure SQL Best Practices?


A way to enforce good practice and standards is by Azure Policy. As stated...

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By sqlfriend

I found recently sqlcmd is missing on my computer. It used to be there....

Multi-column pivot table help

By Pete Bishop

I have the following data in [table_1]: last_updated type_desc size_bytes used_bytes 2019-05-23 LOG 1835008...

Task Scheduler Job set up for Sql Server Agent

By pdsqsql

Hello, I am trying setup automatic job using the windows task scheduler to notify...

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