Hello, I'm Vincent, a DBA from a well-known American Chemical Enterprise, I'm skilled at SQL Server database management, and have much experience in using PowerShell scripts, T-SQL scripts to doing automatically operation and management of Database, including Instances deployment, daily operation (backup/monitoring/jobs/auditing), Trouble-shooting, AOAG, DB tuning and performance management, Server-Instance-Database lifecycle management, Database migration, Database DevOps (Azure DevOps), elastic job for Azure SQL Database. Currently, I am focusing on Azure DevOps and Azure automation, I have some good practice on that and I keep learning on that. Also, I have some experience with Power BI, Power Automate, Power VA, and Microsoft Bot framework, I am also responsible for our company Chat Bots development.
  • Interests: Coding, Travelling, Cooking
  • Skills: PowerShell, T-SQL, SQL Server, AOAG, Azure SQL DB, DB DevOps, Windows Server, Power BI, Power VA, Bot Framework, Power Automate, Linux, VMware

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SQL Server instance startup type check by SQL script

I have developed the script to check SQL Server instances startup type, sometimes we didn't know all our SQL instances startup type correctly configurated, especially we cannot distinguish the Automatic and Automatic(Delayed Start) from the direct query, the only way is querying from the registry, you can use this script in your environment to bulk […]

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