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Shout Your Successes

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I was at a customer this week (sorry, can't share who). I spent the day talking about Redgate Monitor and how it can help with query tuning, server management, and estate management. Through the day, the data pros at the company were sharing how they were managing hundreds of servers and several thousand databases. They […]

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Power BI Treemap Chart Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Microsoft Power BI Desktop provides a wide variety of visuals to its users. Sometimes, one wants to conduct a comparative analysis, a simple way to explore the relationship between the data categories within a set hierarchy. Hence, when a decision revolves around understanding the relationship of each element, this visual can provide an insightful analysis. This article will highlight all the steps to create a treemap chart in Power BI Desktop.


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Memory Grant Feedback Persistence in SQL Server 2022

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By using input from real memory consumption during query execution, Memory Grant input Persistence in SQL Server 2022 is a potent feature that helps optimize query performance. In order to improve the accuracy of memory grant calculations for subsequent executions of the same or comparable queries, SQL Server gathers and stores this information.

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On Being an "Expert"

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I had the opportunity last week to present a session at DataSaturdays Stockholm. I can't say enough nice things about the event and the organizers. I presented on Query Store in SQL Server. In my mind, it's an entry-level to middle tier presentation. Most of the room was already working with Query Store, some quite […]

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MVP No more, But It’s OK


Embracing Limitations: Finding Strength and Purpose in Hard Times For four years, I was...

A New Word: Fitching


fitching – v. intr. compulsively turning away from works of art you find frustratingly,...

Copilot in Microsoft Fabric


Microsoft Copilot is an app that uses AI to help you find information, create content,...

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