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How Often Do You Update SSMS?

I got a message recently that SSM S19.3 is out. I am wary of major versions, especially with a few add-in tools, but I have tended to try and update SSMS regularly when it patches, which is about once a quarter. As I checked my desktop, I saw I was still on 19.1 (my laptop […]

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SQLServerCentral Editorial

Sharing the Work You Do 

During one my yearly review, I got one particularly interesting piece of feedback. “You need to share the work you are doing and share with the company.” This is basically a matter of letting people know about the stuff we are putting out on Simple-Talk.com. It is something that is regularly done here, but to […]

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The Voice of the Customer

This week I had the opportunity to join many of the U.S.-based Redgaters in Austin to talk about 2024 plans, hear from the product teams, and have some much-needed fellowship. One thing was particularly clear as I listened to various leaders and product managers – the customer drives everything we do. And I have to […]

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Know Thy Platform


IT and data professionals, I implore you – know thy platform. All of it....

Adding Git LFS Support – #SQLNewBlogger


I got this message recently while committing some changes: This post shows my work...

EightKB 2024


EightKB is back! The biggest online SQL Server internals conference is back in 2024…it’s...

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