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Improving Skills at Work

A large part of the success I've had in my career has come from growing my skills, both technical and soft, throughout the years. I've always been driven to learn more and improve my ability to accomplish the tasks I've been assigned. Or those that I've sought out and tackled. A little initiative has been […]

2022-12-23 (first published: )

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SQLServerCentral Editorial

Poking the Bear

If you're an experienced, knowledgeable, seasoned (I won't say old), SQL Server data professional, and you choose to use Trace Events (Profiler), more power to you. That's it. That's all I have to say. Do what you think best. I'm never, ever (again), going to second guess you. Further, my apologies for ever having done […]

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Daily Coping 26 Jan 2023


Today’s coping tip is to focus on what’s good, even if today feels tough....

Working With Tags in FlashArray using PowerShell


Introduction Purity is the operating environment that runs Pure Storage products like FlashArray and...

Using SQL Data Compare from the Command Line with a Project


SQL Data Compare (SDC) is a great way to sync data among tables. It’s...

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SQL Table Issue

By Jobs90312

Hi everyone, In below code I am creating a table and inserting some english...

what does the backup log init do?

By vpmaciel

what does the backup log init do?

Backup Log Init run again by mistake manually.

By vpmaciel

backup log to int run every hour. If a log init backup is run...

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