R Glen Cooper

Glen Cooper (r.glen.cooper@gmail.com) is a SQL Server programmer. His current interest involves graph-theoretical solutions to optimization problems. Glen holds a PhD in Mathematics specializing in model theory and symbolic logic.
  • Interests: SQL Server, .NET, Mathematics

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Dijkstra's Algorithm

Introduction This article celebrates a classic algorithm [1] of Dijkstra (1930 – 2002) which finds a path of minimal cost between any pair of nodes in an undirected graph. His procedure is widely recognized as a fundamental tool for examining communication and transportation networks (eg. Google Maps) and is surprisingly simple. By his own admission, […]

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Horizontal Trees

Introduction The sp_HorizontalTree procedure introduced here may be used to audit tables with dependent columns. A column is dependent on another if the meaning of the first column depends on the meaning of the second. For example, in a table containing accounting information, the meaning of a Fiscal Quarter column depends on the Fiscal Year to […]

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How To Avoid MERGE in SQL Server

Introduction This article shows how to script a basic merge between two tables, without using MERGE. This can be handy when you're merging a pair of tables with hundreds of columns, since the script doesn't know anything about them. This technique introduces and populates some auditing columns (IS_DELETED, IS_INSERTED, IS_UPDATED, TRANSACTION_DATE) for each record, and runs fast. […]

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2023-02-20 (first published: )

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Navigating Trees With CTE

Introduction This article shows how common table expressions (CTE) in SQL Server are naturally suited for navigating trees, such as finding its longest path, or diameter. Recall that a tree is an undirected graph where unique paths exist between any two nodes (i.e. vertices). Any node may be selected as its top node, with its […]

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