Calling SQL Server With A BlackBerry Phone

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  • Something innovative and out of the box thinking, appreciated.


  • Glen,

    Nice article for a home solution. In most corporate environments however, xp_cmdshell calls will not be allowed - certainly not in mine! - however you could easily replace the calls to this with a CLR stored procedure which encapsulates the same logic, so it would still be viable.

    An enjoyable read.

    Cheers, James

    MCM [@TheSQLPimp]

  • Great Article, I never imagined this kind of use for SQL Server...

  • Great article,

    New and fun stuff to read, maybe even try and implement too.



  • cool, but it's a lot easier done with iphones and android phones. and without the need to keep your home computer on 24/7

  • Good idea - thanks for that.

  • I see James mentioned a CLR stored procedure, what is it?

    I've also tried to follow the instructions in the article to access the C:\BlackBerry folder on my pc so I looked up my pc's IP address by typing "ipconfig" in the DOS command window and then entering

    in the blackberry browser but I get HTTP Error 404: Not Found

  • @grovelli-262555 A CLR Stored Procedure is a Visual Studio.Net assembly that can be included into a SQL Server 2005+ database and its methods used as stored procedures, functions, and triggers. It is in effect a replacement for extended stored procedures, as it allows the database to call external code but in a tightly managed architecture. So if you had the need to do say file access, very complex maths or string manipulation for example, you could write the code in C# or VB.Net and call this as a stored procedure. Obviously you should only use these when they are appropriate but they are very useful in certain situations.

    This is a good starting point if you want to read up on these:


    MCM [@TheSQLPimp]

  • Hi grovelli-262555,

    Can the blackberry directory on your desktop be reached over the Web?

    I don't know your setup, but your router must re-direct port 1433 to whatever machine is hosting the asp page.

  • Thanks Glen, no, the blackberry directory on my desktop can't be reached over the Web. What would I need to do to achieve that? I see you mention an asp page, do I have to create a BlackBerry.asp page which corresponds to my C:\BlackBerry folder?

    All our pc's are in a lan so I guess I don't have a router to redirect port 1433. I have WinXP SP2.

  • You must be able to see the directory, eg.


    where nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn is your external IP address and /images (or whatever) is your Web directory.

    If you want to use internal IP addresses on your lan, I have an enhancement to do that (it "pulls" images, rather than "push" them):

    You just need to replace the original asp/htm files with the revised ones. Also, this enhancement has a new XML configuration file that will hide the server parameters in the browser by setting a flag on (instructions are in that file). The updated article explains how this enhancement works.

  • I cannot see any code implementation???

  • Thanks for the insight.

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  • I'm not sure what you're asking, but...

    When you unzip, you will see another file that you need to unzip.

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