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The difference between BIN2 and Case-Sensitive collations in SQL

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Here you will learn about the key differences between the binary and SQL/Windows collations. You will see that even with all sensitivity flags enabled, SQL/Windows collation cannot behave the same way as the binary collations.

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SQL Window Functions Series: LAG() and LEAD()

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Dive deep into the powerful SQL window functions, LAG() and LEAD(). Explore their intricacies, discover real-world examples, and avoid common pitfalls.

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How to Move a Table into a Schema in T-SQL

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To move a table into a schema in T-SQL, you can use the ALTER SCHEMA statement along with the TRANSFER option. Here are the steps to do this: Assuming you have an existing schema named "NewSchema" and a table named "YourTable" that you want to move into this schema: Open SQL Server Management Studio or […]

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2023-09-29 (first published: )

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One use case for NOT using schema prefixes

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I’ve long been a huge advocate for always referencing objects with a schema prefix in SQL Server.

In spite of what may be a controversial title to many of my regular blog readers, I don’t really want you to stop that practice in most of your T-SQL code, because the schema prefix is important and useful most of the time. At Stack Overflow, though, there is a very specific pattern we use where not specifying the schema is beneficial.



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