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PostgreSQL 101: A guide to PostgreSQL documentation & useful resources

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In the latest webinar of our PostgreSQL 101 series, join Ryan Booz, PostgreSQL Advocate at Redgate, and Grant Fritchey, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, and discover:

How to navigate PostgreSQL documentation
The essential things you need to know about PostgreSQL documentation
Other useful learning resources to help make your journey to using PostgreSQL easier

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PostgreSQL Basics: Getting started with psql

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PostgreSQL has a separate command-line tool that’s been available for decades and is included with any installation of PostgreSQL. Many long-term PostgreSQL users, developers, and administrators rely on psql to help them quickly connect to databases, examine the schema, and execute SQL queries.

Knowing how to install and use basic psql commands is an essential skill to have for anyone that will connect to PostgreSQL.


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PostgreSQL Schema: Learning PostgreSQL with Grant

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An important aspect of building and managing a database is organizing the objects within your database. You may have tables that support different functions, for example, a schema for warehousing operations and another for sales. Some logins may need access to some tables, but not others. You might want to isolate one set of objects within a database from other sets of objects. All of this, and more, can be accomplished using schemas within a database and PostgreSQL supports the use of schema for just these types of functions.


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Same Language, Different Words

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I had to come to the Redgate office in Cambridge this past week for a department onsite. As a result, my wife and I were able to come early for a few days adventuring together, the first trip we've taken by ourselves in nearly seven years. As a large family with six kids, it takes […]

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Are PostgreSQL memory parameters magic?

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Ordinary PostgreSQL users often do not know that PostgreSQL configuration parameters exist, let alone what they are and what they mean. Some parameter tuning can improve the database performance, and we are usually talking about 10%, 20%, and in rare cases, up to 50% performance improvement.



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