Azure Cosmos DB

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Introduction to SQL for Cosmos DB

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This article by Adam Aspin reviews the Azure Cosmos DB SQL API from the perspective of the relational database developer. More specifically it will show you how to leverage your Structured Query Language skills to exploit the core possibilities of Cosmos DB as a NoSQL document database.


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Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB Global Distribution

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Global distribution of updatable data stores is one of the more challenging goals that software designers and architects have been struggling with over the years. Addressing this challenge has become increasingly pressing as the rapid growth of cloud technologies increased the need for deployments capable of spanning multiple geographical areas. In this article, we will provide an introduction to global distribution-related functionality in Cosmos DB.


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Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB Emulator for Creating Applications

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Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s NoSQL database platform running in the cloud. In this article, Suhas Pande explains many of the core concepts in Cosmos DB. Additionally, he goes over how to set up a local Cosmos DB emulator to create collections and documents. Using a local emulator is free and allows development with Cosmos DB without being connected to Azure.


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Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB Security

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When analyzing security-related challenges, it is important to note that they encompass several distinct but interrelated technologies. In addition, when dealing with data services, it is also necessary to distinguish between the data plane, facilitating access to the underlying content and the management plane, which allows for delegation of administrative tasks. In this article, Marcin Policht explores how these concepts apply to the Azure Cosmos DB offering.


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Controlling Access to Azure Cosmos DB

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Azure Cosmos DB offers features that facilitate data availability and resiliency. However, there is also a different, very important aspect of facilitating access to distributed data sources in the most optimal manner, which focuses on access control mechanisms. Read on to learn the specifics of this aspect, as it applies to Azure Cosmos DB.


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Azure Cosmos DB Partitioning

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One of the most important design decisions that must be made when planning deployment of Azure Cosmos DB involves logical partitioning of data that will populate target collections, graphs, or tables. Selecting the optimal partitioning model has both performance and pricing implications. In this article, we will explore the rationale behind these implications and review the partitioning options.


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Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB

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Azure Cosmos DB is the latest data service offering from Microsoft. Azure Cosmos DB is a super set of DocumentDB and provides a new set of capabilities. These capabilities make Azure Cosmos DB stand out from other members in the NoSQL database family.


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RE: parameterised SP in DTS? y not!

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>>I've tried it the logical way by selecting to execute task and the typing 'exec sp_....' and this obviosuly does not work. It's pretty obvious that it does work, hence the large button at the bottom of the ExecSQL task UI labelled "Parameters".What are you trying to pass into the sproc as parameters ? Global DTS variables […]


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RE: DBCC CHECKDB return Errors

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This is why I'm not a fan of using Maintenance Plans.  I much prefer to code all the jobs myself so I get detailed output.  When I'm in DBA mode (I'm currently doing SQL development) I use ISQL to run my DBCCs and pipe the output to a text file.  It's run as a batch […]



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