Under the ORM Hood: Revealing the SQL

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Your application code may look neat and clean, and you are using a sound Object-relational Mapper, but when you put the pedal to the metal, you're not getting the performance. The time has come to lift the hood and see what SQL is being generated by the ORM, and what part of your code is causing the bottlenecks. The effect can be spectacular.


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Database Activity Monitoring Part 1 - An Introduction

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We are inundated with new technologies and products designed to help make our organisations safe from hackers and other malcontents. One technology that has gained ground over the past few years is database activity monitoring. It makes sense to protect valuable databases, and by adding an intelligent monitor capable of sniffing out threats an additional level of protection can be gained.

But what is database activity monitoring and why should you care?


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What the ???? T-SQL Tuesday #120


Hey, it’s T-SQL Tuesday again! I almost forgot about it what with Summit and...

First Time Speaking at PASS Summit


This week, I filmed my experience as a first time speaker at PASS Summit...

Azure SQL Best Practices?


A way to enforce good practice and standards is by Azure Policy. As stated...

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