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Scaling SQL Monitor with your growing estate

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Tony Davis describes the features and capabilities of SQL Monitor that allow it to scale smoothly to monitor a growing estate of servers and databases, while still providing a single, simple dashboard that gives the team all of the essential SQL Server metrics and alerts, establishes baselines, and detects trends in behavior.


Using SQL Monitor to manage a growing server estate

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The State of SQL Server Monitoring report found that monitoring is key to managing large estates, and as estates continue to grow the need for a monitoring solution that is scalable is increasing. German IT Service Provider Fiducia & GAD IT AG implemented Redgate’s SQL Monitor to better manage the performance of its growing SQL Server estate.


Making the switch to SQL Monitor

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Managed IT Services provider Claranet turned to Redgate after having issues with their old monitoring solution and haven’t looked back since. With SQL Monitor named most popular third-party monitoring tool in this years State of SQL Server Monitoring report, see how it helps Claranet deliver more with less.


Download your free copy of the 2019 State of SQL Server Monitoring Report

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Over 800 SQL Server Professionals took part in the State of SQL Server Monitoring survey. Providing insights into how they monitor their SQL Server estates, the technologies they work with, what their biggest challenges are, and what the future trends for the industry are likely to be. For the detailed analysis of the responses, download your free copy of the report.



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