SQL Monitor Metric: Processes in a runnable state (scheduler query)

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Use this script in SQL Monitor to determine the general load on the operating system you can get a count of the processes that are in a runnable state. This value will go up and down as various systems run on the operating system. It’s only a measure of load on the system and won’t indicate the cause of problems, but will show you pressure on the system.


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The Ten Commandments of SQL Server Monitoring

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It is easy to get database monitoring wrong. There are several common-sense rules that can make all the difference between a monitoring system that works for you and helps to avoid database problems, and one that just creates a distraction. Adam Machanic spells out the rules, based on his considerable experience with database monitoring.


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dbWarden - A Free SQL Server Monitoring Package

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dbWarden is a comprehensive monitoring and alerting solution for SQL Server 2005 or newer. It features an emailed Health Report and includes email and text notifications with customizable metrics for alerts such as Blocking, Long Running Queries and SQL Jobs, CPU %, Log file and TempDB growth.

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An Easy Way to Monitor SQL Server Replication

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In SQL Server, replication is a widely adopted technology for the purpose of real-time data replication between SQL servers. It serves the purpose of keeping data consistent between multiple end points. So the last thing we want to hear from clients is that data is no longer in synch, and as DBA, we don't want to be the last person to realize replication is out of order or broken. Here are some steps you can take to monitor SQL Server replication.


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Preventing Problems in SQL Server

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It is never a good idea to let your users be the ones to tell you of database server outages. It is far better to be able to spot potential problems by being alerted for the most relevant conditions on your servers at the best threshold. This will take time and patience, but the reward will be an alerting system which allows you to deal more effectively with issues before they involve system down-time.


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Power BI Monthly Digest – February 2020


In this month’s Power BI Digest Manuel I will again guide you through some...

Using Google Chrome with SSRS


In this post, you will learn how to resolve the Kerberos Double-Hop issue and...

Using Google Chrome with SSRS


In this post, you will learn how to resolve the Kerberos Double-Hop issue and...

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