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Six Things to Monitor with PostgreSQL

This article describes six performance metrics that ought to be central to your PostgreSQL monitoring strategy. By using a tool like SQL Monitor to track these metrics over time, and establish baselines for them, you'll be able to spot resource pressure or performance issues immediately, quickly diagnose the cause, and prevent them becoming problems that affect users.


PostgreSQL 101: The journey towards PostgreSQL - tips and lessons from Grant Fritchey

Want to hear someone else’s experience of learning PostgreSQL from scratch? Then look no further.

Grant Fritchey, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, started working with SQL Server in 1995 but more recently has needed to support and understand PostgreSQL. In this webinar, he will go on a deeper dive into the PostgreSQL database and will share top tips from his own learning journey.

Join us on July 25th


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Enterprises that adopt Database DevOps save an average of $4.3M per year (Video)

If treated well, the database can be a major accelerator in your business’s efficiency. It can be the star performer in your migration to the cloud, in your move to micro services and other change initiatives. Find out how the database can be the hero in your digital transformation or change initiative.

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SQL Prompt Quick Access to Helper Code


We’ve been doing some events as part of the Redgate Roadshow, and at one...

Eleven chapters of my data architecture book are available


As I have mentioned in prior blog posts, I have been writing a data...

Speaking at SQL Saturday Boston 2023


I’m happy to announce that I will be speaking at SQL Saturday Boston on...

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