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Source Control with GIT, Power BI and Microsoft Fabric

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Source control is fundamental when dealing with projects and sharing code between multiple developers. Power BI present some challenges related to source control. But it’s finally providing us with a solution to these challenges. Let’s analyse this piece-by-piece.

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Stairway to Database DevOps

Stairway to Database DevOps Level 2: Manage Code with Red Gate SQL Source Control

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In this second level of the Stairway to Database DevOps, we learn to use Redgate's SQL Source Control to save and updates changes to objects, as well as tracking data in certain tables.

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Question of the Day

Writing to Clones

I run this code on SQL Server 2019:

DBCC CLONEDATABASE(imdb, imdb_dev)
I then change to the cloned database, imdb_dev, and run some queries. I then run this code while testing:
INSERT dbo.Title (TitleID, Title, DateReleased) VALUES (3234, 'Maestro', '2023')
What happens?

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