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Pipelining Configuration Information Securely to Flyway

This article demonstrates two techniques for allowing Flyway to read extra configuration information from a secure location, possibly encrypted. The first technique pipes the contents of the config file to flyway via STDIN, and the second uses PowerShell splatting. This makes it much simpler to use Flyway to manage multiple development copies of a database using role-base security.


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The SELECT Statement in Oracle

The SELECT statement is used to retrieve information from a database. Following the execution of a SELECT statement, a tabular result is held in a result table (called a result set). It allows you to select the table columns depending on a set of criteria. In this article, I will introduce the basic SELECT statement fetching data from just one table.


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Overcoming Organization Challenges in Cloud Migration: A Webinar for Senior IT Leaders

Is your team looking to modernize and migrate your data but have questions about the complex organizational challenges? This webinar panel on June 29th covers all aspects of data modernization and migration that senior IT leaders should be aware of, including organization culture, communication, and politics. Why not send it to your boss?


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Are PostgreSQL memory parameters magic?

Ordinary PostgreSQL users often do not know that PostgreSQL configuration parameters exist, let alone what they are and what they mean. Some parameter tuning can improve the database performance, and we are usually talking about 10%, 20%, and in rare cases, up to 50% performance improvement.


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Flyway for SQL Server Data Tools Users

If you are using SSDT for authoring, building, debugging, and publishing a database project, how do you change to, or preferably migrate towards, a Flyway-based database development? Flyway doesn't need to replace any code part of SSDT, but if allowed to manage every release candidate, it does allow for much cleaner branching, merging, and deployments.



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