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Customizing Statistics Histogram in SQL Server 2019

The use of statistics in SQL Server is tightly embedded in the query optimizer and query processor. The creation and maintenance of statistics is usually handled by the SQL Server engine, though many DBAs and developers know that periodically we might need to update those statistics to ensure good performance of queries. SQL Server 2019 gives us more options.

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2024-01-09 (first published: )

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Data Saturday #8 - SouthWest US

This Data Saturday Event is being jointly developed by the Albuquerque Data Platform Users Group, Arizona Data Platform Users Group, and the Santa Fe Data Platform Users Groups. This event will include sessions on many Microsoft Data Platform related topics. Join us on May 15, 2021.

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2024-01-09 (first published: )

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Using a SQL Tokenizer

Imagine this: you have several directories full of SQL script files, and you need to know where a certain table is used. You’d rather like the context too, so you can check the whole SQL Expression and work out why it is running so slowly.



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