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Loading a 24x7 Data Warehouse

More and more companies are using data warehouses as a way of consolidating business critical information. And more and more of these companies want the warehouse available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This presents interesting challenges for the DBA involved in ETL processing. Longtime author Leo Peysakhovich brings us one solution for this problem.

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2008-03-06 (first published: )

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Working with Datetime

Datetime data in SQL Server can be a little confusing to work with, especially as many front end languages do not combine the date and time into a single datatype. As a result, T-SQL is sometimes used to manipulate and convert datetime data into more useable formats. Author Leo Peysakhovich has written about some tricks that he uses to reformat and work with datetime data.

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2007-09-21 (first published: )

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Manipulating Data in TEXT Type Columns

For many SQL Server 2000 DBAs working with text columns in T-SQL is no different than any other datatype. But there are some tricks when you work with very large values that you need to know. Leo Peysakhovich brings us some advanced queries that you might need if you work with large XML documents as he does.

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Index Creation Guidelines

Index Creation Guidelines for SQL Server can be pretty sparse. Usually there are a couple, clustered index for ranges, nonclustered, etc. Leo Peysakhovich has taken some time to write down his guidelines based on his experience for creating indexes and the rational for doing so. He's also taken a few minutes to look at which indexes NOT to create, something that might be worth knowing..

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2005-10-21 (first published: )

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