Loading a 24x7 Data Warehouse

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  • Undoutedly one of the fine piece of work.  Great work Leo.  -  Debasish

  • When you gave the problem description your solution was what was in my head - good to know that I at least thought of a real-world solution!

  • I have an idea that with SQL Server 2005 you could accomplish something like this using a database snapshot.

    Has anybody actually tried that?

  • Thanks you for sharing your experience Leo. It's a good and useful article. We use a data warehouse where the data from stage is loaded alternately into 2 sets of identical star schema (the difference is just the suffix at the end of table names) and there are a set of views which select from those sets. The downtime is minimal, just to drop and recreate the views to point to the just loaded set of tables. We have been using this for 6 years. Regards, Vincent

  • Good job, Leo!

    Finnaly, I found an stored procedure which kills the db connections, KILL_DB_CONNECTIONS. But, not in the end, your logical schema was one of mine used in production at one of my customers. Thank you to confirm that what I thought was in good shape.

    In Theory, theory and practice are the same...In practice, they are not.
  • What is the size of your DW, and how long does the backup and the restore take?  I would be concerned that as your DW size grows, you may run out of time to do the backup/restore cycle.

    What are your thoughts on using a SQL 2005 database snapshot in place of the backup/restore.

    Original author: https://github.com/SQL-FineBuild/Common/wiki/ 1-click install and best practice configuration of SQL Server 2019, 2017 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008 and 2005.

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  • The size of the database is 5-10G. But remember that there is the whole day to backup and restore because after rename happened the LOAD databases required only for the next load in 24 hours.

  • I was wondering what your customer thinks when you are killing their connections? I don't think that can be an acceptable solution to a 24/7 warehousing problem in all cases...

  • In fact, I am killing cache database connections made by other third party applications than the master application. So it is ok and my customer is happy 'cause the sql server instance isn't fullfill of unuseful connections

    In Theory, theory and practice are the same...In practice, they are not.
  • how do you know/verify that the connection(s) you are killing is "cached" ?

  • Customers do not see it because connections are coming fro the connection pool and pool reistablish it right after. Worst case scenario that customer must hit refresh button. As I pointed in the article, the traffic is very low at night time and for customer to see the connection being disconnected must be exact time request and kill command comes at exact the same time. Then refresh button hit is required. All the other cases are taking care of by the connection pool.

  • I guess that is good if you can be sure about that just a refresh would do it.

    I've seen quite a few DWHs where some query runtime gets into the hour range (most time because of the AdHoc attack and under educated users). They schedule their queries somehow (like with a WAITFOR TIME/DELAY) and are pretty angry when they get back in the morning seeing their query being killed.. But then again. They would know and expect this behaviour with a well documented DB switching procedure.

    Good article Leo!

    Regards, Hanslindgren

  • A 10GB data warehouse is small enough to follow the proposed procedure.

    When your data warehouse reaches 200 to 500GB you will get into a TOTALLY different ball game.


    * Noel

  • There is no way for our customers to run their own query. There are scheduled jobs and applications that using stored procs only.

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