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Non-Continous Replicaton and The LogReader

Last year Andy wrote about turning off the log reader as a way to reduce the overhead on a server, primarily when you have many logreaders running. In this follow up article he talks about the downside of using this technique and how the behavior of the logreader can be "tweaked" to make using non-continuous replication a little less of a headache.

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SQLMatcher Added to Freeware Library

SQLMatcher allows the user to compare Microsoft SQL Server DDL scripts. SQLMatcher is available in two different forms. The standard freeware version has just been made available for download on The professional version is also available for download and purchase.

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Automated Azure SQL VM Patching

There is an Automated Patching service for VMs running SQL Server in the Azure Cloud. This uses the SQL Server IaaS Agent Extension to work with PowerShell. What types of patches are installed with this service? Note: All updates are marked with tags, such as Important, Critical, or something else

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