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  • I have been tossing around the idea of becoming MCDBA certified for over a year now. I waited initially because MS was changing the exams over to Win2k/SQL2k and then put it off because I didn't think that it would add anything to my career. Now that the job market is weak, I am again considering obtaining my certification. This article has helped me realize that it will be worth my time and effort. I still feel that it is your career and references that make you a good candidate for a position. Unfortunately, we often deal with HR people who haven't a clue if a person is qualified or not and base their oppinions on certifications such as this one.

  • Every little bit happens to distinguish you from the next candidate. If you're a SQL Pro managing the two SQL exams isn't that bad. Even if you never fulfill all the MCDBA requirements you can put down that you've passed the SQL exams!


  • As Andy said, it distinguishes you. Not a guarentee, but every bit helps. Sometimes that cert gets you past the HR people.

    Steve Jones

  • The results are very US biased.

    In the UK there are a lot of jobs advertised for DBA's and one of the questions employers ask is "Can you do stored procedures". Jesus!!!!!!!

    In other words "DBA" no longer means "DBA", it means "junior programmer who can sit in box room and churn out code".

    This is much the same way that "Executives", "Vice President" and "Consultants" used to be at the top of the corporate ladder as opposed to todays Sales Executive (shop assistant), Vice President in charge of sanitation (Senior bog cleaner) and Call Centre Consultants.

    The process of gaining an MCDBA is useful because it is a learning excercise.

    If the new MCDBA courses are as thorough as the old SQL6.5 Admin and Design courses then they are definitely a good thing.

    The qualification of MCDBA is only useful if employers have heard of it and understand what it means.

    To give an analogy, I met a director of a company who thought that XML was the new model from Mercedes!

  • I will hold until I see the survey to employers comparing the quality of the MCDBA certified employees to those that are not. My guess you will find that in most cases Junior has gotten the cert to get the job and now he is in the place and faltering some. Sounds harsh but that is what I have seen in the real world. May be different in large cities but here that is the case.

    I almost cringe at the replies this is going to bring. Not meant to be a slam on anyone that has one and if I had the money and the time I probably would just to have a tick in the box but I have neither.

    My opinion.....




    “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose” - Jim Elliot

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