Fixing "Login failed for user" error in SQL Server

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In this article, I am going to explain fixing a problem related login failure error with SQL Server. The Problem One of the common error in the SQL Server error log is "Login failed for user 'DomainName\ServerName$'. Reason: Could not find a login matching the name provided. [CLIENT: <local machine>]". Even though it says that […]


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Block user objects from being created in a master database

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Introduction The Master database. Just in case that you are not familiar with this database, the Master database is used in SQL Server to store all the system information, instance-level settings, logon information, database file locations, etc. SQL Server can't run without access to a fully functional master database. It's highly recommended not to use […]

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Generate Role Member Reports using dbatools and the ImportExcel PowerShell modules

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Being able to get information and save it on a Excel as a report can be a common and tedious task. What if we could join dbatools and ImportExcel PorwerShell modules to accomplish this in a easier and fast way? We will see how to export roles and its' member and save that info on a multi spreadsheet Excel file with handy tables ready to be explored.

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Server Review Essentials for Accidental and Junior DBAs—Setting Up (Part 1)


Welcome to a new year, and a new look at what I’ve learned in...

Azure SQL vCore vs DTU


If you are building database solutions in Azure , using Azure SQL Database then...

Synapse Analytics Spark Example 2 - ROW_NUMBER()


The next example is how to do a ROW_NUMBER(), my favourite window function. T-SQL SELECT...

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