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The Database Administrator's Back-to-School Checklist

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To meet the upcoming demands on IT systems database administrators (DBAs) need to prepare the database and its supporting infrastructure for increased resource demands. Being proactive now can pay big dividends by maintaining service level agreements (SLAs), avoiding outages and resource shortages, and ensuring a positive overall customer experience.


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Coping with Infrastructure Upgrades

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A common topic for questions on SQL Server forums is how to plan and implement upgrades to SQL Server. Moving from old to new hardware or moving from one version of SQL Server to another. There are other circumstances where upgrades of other systems affect SQL Server DBAs.


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RE: Alert is not triggered

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Is there a reason that you are using a severity level of 1. Severity levels less than 11 are for informational purposes and this may be causing some of the things that you are seeing. The 16 in your Raiserror is where the <state> goes. This <state> does not seem to do much. I hope this helpsEric 


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RE: Workflow question

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Hi Steve,Can you looak at it what you mean? I'm a little confused about workflow part. Thanks, Robert


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How to Create Resume DB using SQL Server 2000

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I'm new to SQLServer 2000 and would like to know if it is possible to createa database that would search,retreive and archieve resume?  Maybe it should not be done in SQL but in Ms Access I don't but I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance. 


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RE: Joins vs More Columns

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I don't think it should be a speed issue, it's clearly a good design issue.  Creating multiple tables and a view over the top of that, makes the application more flexible.  Systems change all of the time, what happens when someone has three addresses or 5 phone numbers.  His 1 table design doesn't allow for […]


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RE: myLittleAdmin?

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I had a quick look at the online demo version. It looks like a nice tool for some specific needs, for example when you need to move often from machine to machine and don't have the Enterprise Manager installed on all computers.


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