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Stairway to U-SQL Level 22: Creating a Custom Extractor

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Throughout this series, we’ve consistently dealt with delimited text files; comma and tab, for instance. We’ve used the U-SQL built-in extractors to process these files. But what if we need to deal with different types of file, like JSON, XML or fixed width? That’s where custom extractors come in. U-SQL provides us with the ability […]


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Stairway level 3 : Configure Extensible Key Management Using Azure Key Vault

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In Level 1 of this Stairway series, we discussed how to configure TDE in a user database using a Database Master Key (DMK) and a certificate. Level 2 showed the steps to restore the backup of this database on another instance.  In this level, we will explain how to configure TDE in SQL Server with […]

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Stairway Level 2 : Restore a Backup of a TDE Database to Another Server

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In Level 1 of this Stairway, we discussed how to configure TDE in a user database using a Database Master Key and Certificate. In this level, we explain the steps for backing up and securing this certificate, as well as how to restore the database on another server instance. Backup the Certificate and Private Key […]

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Transparent Data Encryption Using Certificates and EKM - Level 1 of the Stairway to TDE

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Introduction Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) is one of the key security features available in SQL Server from SQL Server 2008 onwards. Using this feature, the ‘data at rest’ in the physical files for the database, are protected from unauthorized access if the files are copied, or the physical media is stolen. TDE is available with […]

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