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SSRS Reporting Basics: When is SSRS the Right Tool?

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SSRS has undergone a number of changes over the past few versions. It remains a very popular reporting tool in companies large and small. In this article, Eugene Meidinger recounts the history of SSRS and explains when it’s the best tool to use. This is the first article of a series on SSRS.


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RE: Error when using the IN Keyword on 100.000 elements

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It's been a laborious and painstaking exercise but I spent all morning creating and testing a dummy table with 3 combinations of 2 columns - clustered and unique nonclustered; clustered and nonclustered & clustered only: In the first 2 instances (clustered and nonclustered (with unique constraint) AND clustered and nonclustered), "selecting *" gave me resultset […]


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RE: SQL Server Analysis Service

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Here are some links:  


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Sum and Group by

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Hello,I am not sure where I can find anything about grouping by number. To be more specific :Table: 2 columnsNumber of the week                  Amount                   1                                               502                                               253                                               474                                               155                                                56                                                877                                                268                                                1059                                                 6710                                                18 Now I need to get SUM() for every 3 weeks or 6 weeks or any number I need. Can not find how to […]


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RE: The CLR in SQL Server 2005

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Your arguement is certainly valid, but there are some very good reasons to abstract your middle tier from your database.  First one that jumps out is how poorly TSQL organizes logic.  Since TSQL isn't an object based language, encapsulation and reuse make building a good business layer difficult.  This does change with CLR in the […]



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