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  • SSRS has been completely neglected by the .NET team for years now.

    For web applications, the only library available requires the ancient WebForms references, which aren't part of .NET Core or .NET 5/6/...; they're even a bit of a pain to use in an old MVC5 application.

    After years of clamouring for MS to provide an updated library which can be used in MVC / .NET Core / .NET 5 etc, Microsoft recently responded by saying that we need to rewrite all SSRS reports in PowerBI, which requires a PowerBI Premium subscription.

    Because paying for the Windows and SQL Server licenses isn't enough, obviously. 🤦‍♂️

  • Great article! SSRS, SSAS & SSIS are great tools. As you said, Microsoft is pushing towards Azure. This is a matter of money and not of thinking about the client.

  • A very recent update: SSRS is now available for VS 2022.

    The extensions for SSIS and SSAS still aren't (yet) available for VS 2022. I dream of a day when Microsoft will release the extensions for SSRS, SSIS, and SSAS with the launch of each VS version.

  • problem isn't VS 2022 - issue is that none of the SSRS options will work with .net core - mainly the report viewer which is a must have for many companies/projects.

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