Ensure that SSRS is Working while Using Availability Groups

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  • Thank you, very interesting.

    Going on a bit longer, what about jobs created by SSRS subscriptions in AON AGs? Are they created evenly in all nodes including the necessary logic to run only in the instance where the primary replica of the SSRS DBs is?

    I'm missing a SQL Agent clustered service besides the AlwaysOn resource in the cluster role...

  • Yep, in addition to what was already mentioned in the article the SQL agent jobs related to a subscription will also need to be kept in sync between replicas. I think Microsoft addresses this in a MS doc article by basically stating the SSRS service needs to be restarted after a failover occurs. That way all associated roles and agent jobs get created if not already in place.


    I think a better solution would be is SSRS could be more AG-aware and be able to do that without DBA intervention.

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