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Brooke Philpott of sqlSentry

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The guys that build software rarely get exposure of credit. Maybe that's why so many of them turn to open source where they get more well known. After a meeting at TechEd 2005, Andy Warren had the chance to get some interesting interview questions answered by Brooke Philpott, one of the 2 core developers of sqlSentry. And not a marketing guy.

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Database Geek of the Week - Scott Forsyth

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After interviewing a number of database geeks, it struck me that many of them focus on one area of database development. Hilary Cotter specializes in replication, for example, while Itzik Ben-Gan focuses on Transact-SQL (see Scott Forsyth is no different, but his area of expertise is more unusual: web hosting using .NET technology.


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Database Geek of the Week - Gary Mallow

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Database geeks are all around us. I met Gary Mallow on the email list of a cycling group run by a local church. After some conversation, I discovered that he is a director of a group of developers who build applications, sometimes using .NET and often using Oracle as a database. Like me, Gary is not entirely comfortable with his ability as a UI developer, and so finds database work a good fit.


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